WRT SpeedWerx is an exciting compilation of some of Central Pa’s best photographers.  By utilizing the talents of these fine photographers under a common banner, WRT SpeedWerx is able to provide the best and most comprehensive library of race images found anywhere in Central Pa.  By working cooperatively, WRT SpeedWerx is able to capture more angles, more pit shots, and more amazing racing action than any other single photographer.  In addition to increased coverage of joint events, there will also be the ability to cover more regional action by being able to shoot several different venues in a single night.  Time is a valuable commodity for race teams, and WRT SpeedWerx will allow teams and fans alike to find all of their favorite shots of the racing action at one central location – www.wrtspeedwerx.com.

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Jason Walls
Teal Beard Paul Wilson
Jeff Hertzler

9-20 Bedford Speedway
9-14 Lincoln Speedway
9-13 Hagerstown Speedway
9-6 Port Royal Speedway

9-14 Hagerstown Speedway
9-13 Hagerstown Speedway
8-24 Path Valley Speedway
8-23 Path Valley Speedway

9-13 Williams Grove Speedway
9-7 Path Valley Speedway
9-5 Bedford Speedway
9-1 Bedford Speedway

9-7 Port Royal Speedway
9-6 Port Royal Speedway
9-2 Port Royal Speedway
8-31 Lincoln Speedway

Bedford Speedway
Hagerstown Speedway
Path Valley Speedway
Path Valley Speedway
Williams Grove Speedway
Troy Junkins
Travis Trussell
Brian Rhoad
Jimmy Saffell
9-13 Williams Grove Speedway
9-7 Williams Grove Speedway
9-2 Port Royal Speedway
Williams Grove Drivers
Williams Grove Speedway
Winchester Speedway
Port Royal Speedway
Trail Way Speedway
Christopher Hockley Larry Burnett
Garry Ferguson
Brian Crotsley
7-20 Port Royal Speedway
7-19 Williams Grove Speedway
3-17 Williams Grove Speedway
2-2 Racing Xtravaganza Show
9-14 Virginia Motor Speedway
9-13 Virginia Motor Speedway
9-7 Virginia Motor Speedway
9-1 Potomac Speedway
9-14 Trail Way Speedway
9-7 BAPS Speedway
9-6 Trail Way Speedway
8-17 BAPS Speedway
3-30 Bedford Speedway
3-23 Port Royal Speedway
12-22 MDSS Banquet
9-22 T G Cumberland Raceway
Williams Grove Speedway
Port Royal Speedway
Potomac Speedway
Trail Way Speedway
Cumberland Speedway
Tim Basehore      
9-6 TrailWay Speedway
8-30 TrailWay Speedway
8-23 Williams Grove Speedway
8-18 TrailWay Speedway
Trail Way Speedway


We use professional quality NIKON & Canon equipment and processing labs to ensure that you are 100% pleased with your motorsports keepsake. 

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