My love for dirt track racing began when I was 5 years old and I would accompany my parents to the Port Royal Speedway.  They would also take me on “mystery” trips which usually resulted in seeing the World of Outlaws at Williams Grove Speedway.  My love for photography was the result of my mother who took photo after photo with the family Polaroid and Kodak 110 film camera.  As I look back now it seemed almost inevitable that I would combine the two.

I began quite a few years ago taking photos at Williams Grove with an undersized Minolta 35mm that I purchased with money earned at my part time job while still in school.  The photos never seemed to be that good but I was hooked on being in the pits and close to the action.  Three years ago my wife Michelle bought me my first digital camera set-up from Mike Zortman.  I have to give a ton of thanks to Mike for helping me almost every time out at the track.  Then last year I purchased a Nikon D200 from Loren Carman.  I also owe him and Jason Walls a huge thank you for continuing to answer my questions and help me get dialed in week after week.

So with that being said it is quite an honor to be going into this venture with both of them as well as JR Lucas.  I know between the four of us we will produce some great racing photos for teams and fans alike.  Even during those weeks where the photos don’t go so well, it is all worth it thanks to the fellow photographers I shoot with, track officials, drivers and crews that have become such good friends.

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