I've gone to races ever since I can remember.  Growing up my dad drag raced motorcycles and I frequented Atco Raceway and Englishtown on a regular basis.  In College (upstate NY) I decided to get in to DIRT racing and wanted to get to every DIRT sanctioned track in NY before I graduated.  I took a photography class and was hooked. 

While in graduate school I purchased my first digital camera to see if I liked it.  I really enjoyed digital and purchased another camera.  Just after graduate school I met my wife (Karen) who also enjoyed racing.  We spent 1 summer with her working for AARN and me submitting photos and finally becoming a credentialed photographer for AARN.  I have shot for them every since in 2006.  I was the URC (United Racing Company) photographer for 3 years and loved traveling every weekend to a different track.

In 2010 we moved to Illinois and I continued to shoot for AARN.  I also was the track photographer for Macon Speedway (Co-owned by Kenny Wallace, Kenny Schrader, and Tony Stewart) along with Lincoln Speedway and 1 year at Jacksonville Speedway. 

Finally in July of 2014 we moved back and relocated to Reading PA.  I continued to work with URC and we have recently been appointed the United Racing Club photographers for 2015. 

I have been to over 140 different tracks, in 23 states and 2 Canadian Providences. 

2015 Tentative Schedule

Date Track 
31-Jan Atlantic City 
21-Feb Lincoln Speedway
28-Feb Lincoln Speedway
14-Mar Selinsgrove
21-Mar New Egypt
22-Mar Big Diamond
27-Mar Williams Grove
28-Mar Lincoln Speedway
29-Mar Big Diamond
3-Apr Williams Grove
3-Apr Lincoln Speedway (IL)
10-Apr Williams Grove
12-Apr URC @ Bridgeport
17-Apr Williams Grove
18-Apr Path Valley
19-Apr Bridgeport
24-Apr Williams Grove
25-Apr Port Royal
26-Apr Path Valley
1-May Williams Grove
2-May URC @ Selinsgrove
3-May URC @ Susquehanna
5-May Big Diamond
8-May Williams Grove
13-May Lincoln Speedway
15-May URC @ Georgetown
16-May Williams Grove
19-May New Egypt
22-May Williams Grove
24-May Grandview
29-May Williams Grove
2-Jun Grandview
3-Jun Lincoln Speedway
4-Jun New Egypt
5-Jun URC @ Williams Grove
6-Jun URC @ Selinsgrove
7-Jun Susquehanna
11-Jun URC @ New Egypt
12-Jun Williams Grove
14-Jun Big Diamond
16-Jun Grandview
19-Jun Williams Grove
20-Jun URC @ Selinsgrove
26-Jun Williams Grove
27-Jun Lincoln Speedway
28-Jun Path Valley
30-Jun Grandview
1-Jul Hagerstown
2-Jul Lincoln Speedway
3-Jul Williams Grove
5-Jul Selinsgrove
9-Jul Macon Speedway (IL)
10-Jul Lincoln Speedway (IL)
11-Jul Fairbury American Legion Speedway (IL) 
12-Jul Belle Clair Speedway (IL)
24-Jul Williams Grove
25-Jul Williams Grove
28-Jul Grandview
31-Jul URC @ Williams Grove
1-Aug URC @ Selinsgrove
7-Aug Williams Grove
14-Aug URC @ Williams Grove
18-Aug Path Valley
19-Aug Lincoln Speedway
20-Aug Susquehanna
22-Aug URC @ Orange County
23-Aug Susquehanna
25-Aug New Egypt
28-Aug URC @ Georgetown
4-Sep Williams Grove
6-Sep URC @ Utica Rome
7-Sep Port Royal
11-Sep Williams Grove
12-Sep URC @ Utica Rome
13-Sep Thunder Mountian Speedway
18-Sep Williams Grove
19-Sep Selinsgrove
20-Sep URC @ Susquehanna
25-Sep Williams Grove
26-Sep Lincoln Speedway  
1-Oct Williams Grove
2-Oct Williams Grove
3-Oct Williams Grove
7-Oct Super DIRT Week
8-Oct Super DIRT Week
9-Oct Super DIRT Week
10-Oct Super DIRT Week
11-Oct Super DIRT Week
17-Oct Grandview
18-Oct URC @ Susquehanna
21-Oct Short Track Nationals Little Rock AR
22-Oct Short Track Nationals Little Rock AR
23-Oct Short Track Nationals Little Rock AR
24-Oct Short Track Nationals Little Rock AR
5-Nov Charlotte World Finals
6-Nov Charlotte World Finals
7-Nov Charlotte World Finals
13-Nov Bridgeport
14-Nov Bridgeport