Much like alot of other people, I was bit by the "bug" at an early age.  My parents would take me to Winchester on Saturday nights and then  to Summit Point on Sunday for more racing.  I always wanted to be on track, but I always knew that was a distant dream.  I guess you could call it reality.   Around 2002 I attened my first Williams Grove Friday night show.  This led me to The Groves website where I saw the great work of 2 photographers, Mike Zortman and Gregg Obst.  This is what got me into photography.  After 2 years I bought my first digital camera (D70 in 2004) and starting shooting off and on.  In the winter of 2006, Danny Wilson asked me to join the staff at Winchester(VA) Speedway. I shot there for two years and in doing so opened alot of doors for me.  Im not hard to find, just look for a road course by day and a dirt track by night.  Now, with this opportunity, I hope I can advance my abilities to the next level.   Big Thanks to  Jason and  the entire crew and also to Mark Kerns for showing me how all this stuff works.....now if I could get him out of the house.

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